What is DCTAV?

Washington, DC has long been an important and unsung hero in U.S. and international technology innovation — as the seat of the United States Government, many of the world’s most ubiquitous technologies have their foundational roots in research and development activities both funded by and brought to fruition in DC. The telegraph, MRI, internet modem, self-driving car, and even the iPhone were made possible by developments and resources from Washington, DC and the surrounding region.

We are a coalition of successful executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors who empower one another through meaningful support and are singularly focused on establishing a framework for better collaboration and elevating DC to its rightful position as one of America’s leading technology, innovation, and capital hubs.

Ours is a mission of inclusivity and mutual gain — join us as we continue our important work.
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Founding Principles

Our Goal
Our goal is to make DC the best city in the world for tech, innovation, and startups.
Our mission
Our mission is to be the essential, single-point of entry for all things tech, innovation, and new venture economy in Washington, DC.
our purpose
Our purpose is to build the world’s most successful tech and innovation companies at scale by:

1. Promoting DC tech and innovation companies locally, nationally, and globally
2. Establishing DC as the hub of vibrant tech, innovation, and new venture community
3. Accelerating the growth of DC-based tech and innovation companies
how we define success
Triple the number OF TECH UNICORNS
Quadruple the amount of Capital Raised
Quintuple the number OF successful EXITS
Current state of our members
$1.5B+ Raised


Founder | Executive Director
Founding Member | Membership Chair
Co-Founder & Partner | Model B
Co-Chair | Technology Committee
Founder & CEO at Toan Digital
Co-Chair | Technology Committee
Founder & CEO at ThinkNimble
Co-Chair | DCTAV Angel Investor Syndicate
Co-Founder & CTO | Capbase Inc
Co-Chair | Investor Engagement Steering Committee
Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder at Latch
General Steering Committee
CEO at ActionFigure
General Steering Committee
Co-Founder & CEO at CaryRx
General Steering Committee
Co-Founder at Goodshuffle
General Steering Committee
Founder & CEO at THE MOST
General Steering Committee
COO at StandUp